U.S. Mortgages for Canadians BUYING IN FLORIDA

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We're experts in helping Canadians buy property1 in the U.S. and we will guide you every step of. Contact a cross-border mortgage advisor at 1-866-283-5928 .

In the U.S. alone, this is a $100 billion market. and 80% of it. Providing loan management, the ability to track spending,

Want to buy property in the U.S.? Read this first. be prepared to furnish much more documentation for obtaining a U.S. mortgage than would typically be required in securing a Canadian mortgage.

We provide specialized mortgage lending services for Canadians in Florida. Our US Mortgage lending team has access to over 20 US banks and lending institutions in Florida providing specialized mortgage products for Canadians purchasing principle residence properties, seasonal or second home properties, real estate investment properties and large scale commercial properties.

News stories of U.S. condos going for 50 cents on the dollar can get your juices flowing. The question is, as a Canadian, can you get a mortgage? The answer is yes. Chase Brodsky, a Florida mortgage advisor at LynxBanc, says getting a mortgage is straightforward for most Canadians. "Typically you’ll need 25% down," says Brodsky.

Mortgages in the U.S. also work differently – instead of negotiating down from a lender’s posted rate like we do in Canada, the posted rate in the U.S. is the best rate available to borrowers. So, not only do Canadians have to jump through more hoops to finance a home in the U.S., they also have to do so at higher interest rates than what.

 · This tax guide for Canadians buying U.S. Real Estate will focus on the four best methods. The good and bad options for canadians buying american Real Estate Through an LLC – Tax Guide for Canadians Buying US Real Estate: The first is through an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

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