The Continuing Saga of Your House as An “Investment”

Your home isn’t an investment. I don’t accept this. With a house hack, buying a house is a good investment. The home will provide an income stream that could let you live for free. With my current value add property, the payoff will come at the end when I sell it. You should consider house hacking and value add if:

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Niche Market: Buying investment property in a retirement community limits your potential buyer or rental pool. You usually have to be at least 55 years of age to reside in the home, so this type of investment immediately cuts out a large portion of the population.

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. the paperwork on the house and make sure you can continue making insurance payments and that the insurance is in your name. If something happens to the house, you don’t want to lose your.

Seller Objections: I Want To Keep The House As A Long Term Investment. the most money on your house is to sell it as a lease option.. substantially under market value and might be a good.

Comic Book Investment Portfolio Continuing Education. other than simply buying the house outright in your name and renting or giving it to you child. Real estate is an investment opportunity, and coast-to-coast you can find.

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