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Baby Boomers, Downsizing for Retirement, Create niche real estate market New, 2 comments Developers aim to cut the average baby boomer home size in half

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Is the property bubble going to burst when the Baby Boomers retire? Latest , Michael Yardney blog , Michael Yardney’s Commentary , Property Investment There’s a theory going around that when the Baby Boomers retire we’ll be hit by a demographic tsunami so big it will cause our property markets to collapse.

Supreme Lending Forecasts Changes in the Fort Walton Housing Market The pick-up in business lending by the major banks had occurred as growth in their housing lending had continued to slow. Members observed that lending to large businesses had accounted for the bulk of the growth in business credit over preceding years and all of the pick-up in business credit growth in the most recent few months.

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Housing squeeze: Baby boomers moving to mum’s retirement village. and Urban Research Institute says people are retiring with more mortgage debt than ever, as a result of dwelling purchases.

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The 2000 Census estimated there are more than 78 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are living in the United States. As this group enters retirement, many economists and market analysts predict how the housing market will be affected. baby boomers tend to be the richest age group in terms of real estate, [.]

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Real Estate Bubbles, Corrections, and Crashes | Why Everywhere will Fall eventually From 2010 to 2020 we are going to have a large number of baby boomers entering into their retirement years. Many will look to downsize and the projections have been, that this would add a steady supply of housing. Issues like negative equity have kept many potential homeowners from actually.

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