Get Best Old-Age Benefit With Florida Reverse Mortgage

“My domain focus is really on HECM for Purchase and my emphasis is continuing to educate the real estate community, builders and agents in the benefits of the H4P. reasons for why someone would get.

Housing is the single largest monthly expense for most homeowners, and while much of that no doubt comes from mortgage payments, there are other costs, like homeowners’ insurance and property taxes,

Floridians are increasingly turning to Reverse Mortgages to help them stay in their homes during retirement. The number of HECM reverse mortgage loans in Florida has increased 35% since 2014. 1

Reverse mortgages don’t have a great reputation. Many financial planners have long derided the loans, which allow homeowners over the age of 62 to get cash in exchange for the equity they have in.

So talk a little bit about how maybe reverse mortgages play in terms of their use and value in managing these risks. Steve Resch: I honestly think that that’s one of the best uses of a reverse.

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The benefits of tapping your home’s equity without selling your home or making payments are obvious. Whether a reverse mortgage makes. And if I don’t get to your question, promise not to hate me. I.

Bonus: You’ll also get instant access to my interview of a husband and father who retired at the ripe old age of. figure out who is the best financial risk (or gain) for the lender; it is not there.

Live Well, with a business that included reverse home loan mortgages, closed suddenly and without explanation. According to williams’ warn act suit, pursuit of the layoff claims were best managed.

Strock & Tanner Mortgage is one of the leaders in the Florida reverse mortgage market. Through a team of the knowledgeable and experienced advisors in the Florida reverse mortgage market, we have the ability to simplify the process, as we close most reverse mortgages in not more than a month. Get.

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