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It has been a matter of note and, maybe, of surprise that no attempt has hitherto been made to gather in one volume the numerous Words, Phrases, and Turns of Expression peculiar to Our Great Public.

waking anastomosis: readings wedding A Blessing for Wedding By Jane Hirshfield. Today when persimmons ripen. Today when fox-kits come out of their den into snow. Today when the spotted egg releases its wren song. Today when the maple sets down its red leaves. sleeping and waking, unfold itself inside your eyes. Let its fierceness and tenderness hold you.

Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace is a classic epic novel, spanning generations and countries as it casts a brilliant light on Burmese, Indian and Malayan history, with Burma its focal point. The novel,

of Cuban racial epistemologies and history into a more accessible and affective story for.. whom he casts as barbaric, violent, and villainous. Ultimately, as Jane tompkins influentially argues, only the "sentimental.. races and power posed an identifiable hurdle to the island’s political enfranchisement within the.

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2:45 p.m. I decide to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at art. Acting on a tip from an “About Last Night” reader, I take a crosstown bus to the Metropolitan Museum to see a small but.

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177 How Black Curls Were Invented, Julia Tompkins. 179 This Is a Poem for.. sions are easily accessible through an online database, and I have never felt so.. Pebbles and stones and chunks of gravel hurtle through space and deflect off of.. ent dichotomy that they are as barbaric as they are beautiful. They enter.

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